domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Your terse word…


Beyond Desire by Harm Erkov

© Harm Erkov, Beyond Desire


Your terse word denotes the description of the excited man...*

Excited about something as intangible as the imagination,

Waiting for something as harmful as chance.

Longing to love himself again

And by loving the shapeless desire, the world sinks.

As the tragic error, oh horrors,

Desire instills every minute of waiting

To again become a mockery of all adversity.


© 2010 David Lago-Gonzalez

© Kurt Findensein, translation


*Roger Salas


2 comentarios:

Zoé Valdés dijo...

EXCELENTE, el alfiler es una imagen tremenda, en cualquier posición.

David Lago González dijo...

El original en español está má'pabajo. Ya te contaré. Lo imprevisto.