sábado, 17 de mayo de 2008

Linda Sokolovski

"Dave Dances" includes:

Over 200 pages with hundreds of color photos and stories that are funny, sad, hopeful, and inspirational . . . "Pregame" with Misty and Melody or read one young husband's story of losing his wife.

Many full page color plates of my paintings combined with vellum overlays

Sketches, cartoons as well as foldouts of some of the most beautiful DMB "Dreamgirls" ever

Poetry from the brilliant David Lago–Gonzalez

The fabulous photography of the band from David Adam Beloff

Hundreds of photos that document what it means to be a fan

Fun Davespeak

The most unusual contest that you will ever enter. How well do you know the band and their music? How well do you know the "Dave–inci Code" ?

The first 500 books will be signed and numbered hardcover Limited Editions and include
an entire set of Trading Cards created by the author. . . . one for each chapter!


"MySpace" friend, Linda Sokolovski, de New York, ha editado un libro de ilustraciones basadas en las letras de las canciones de Dave Mathews Band. En él incluye un poema que me pidió especialmente para el libro. Es para mí un honor poder presentarla y considerarme su amigo.

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